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till Manikaran

7540 feet


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About Lapas

Lapas village is a quaint little place located on a mountain slope near the Manikaran Gurdwara in Parvati Valley. The village is absolutely non touristy and offbeat. However the village is full of natural flora and fauna and also has a few beautiful treks originating from it. Lapas village is often found covered with a mystical cover of cloud systems that engulf it. Otherwise, it offers great views of the valley around it. The village of Lapas is different from the rest of the valley and Himachali life in its traditional form can be seen here. If you are looking for a new place to explore that is free from all the touristy gimmicks then Lapas is the place to be.

Fagli being celebrated at Lapas

How to reach Lapas

Kasol to Lapas

From Kasol you can easily get a bus till the Manikaran Gurudwara. Which is a 20-minute journey. The Lapas village is situated near the Manikaran Gurudwara. You will have to cross the Shangna bridge near the Manikaran Gurudwara and go towards the Jamwant rishi temple. The trail to Lapas village starts near the Jamwant Rishi Temple. It takes a further 1 hour to reach the village of Lapas from the Temple. 

A tourist takes part in Fagli

Lapas in winters

Lapas gets its fair share of snowfall during the winter season and it is a treat to be in the Lapas village during the winter season as you get to see how is life during the winter months in a Himachali village. Also the surrounding peaks in the valley are totally snowclad during this time and it is a sight to behold.

Best Time to visit Lapas

The best time to visit the Lapas village is surely the summer months of April-July. In this part of the year, the entire valley is full of lush greenery and one can perhaps explore the surrounding slopes and mountain tops near Lapas while on a day hike.


Meadow near Lapas Village

Treks around Lapas

There is the Sargi Top trek near the Lapas village which is an absolute stunner. You will not find a single tourist here. This is one of the better-kept secrets of the Parvati valley. The Sargi top is situated at a ridgeline. The trek to the Sargi top passes through dense forests on the mountain slopes of Lapas Village. Slowly the treeline recedes and gives way to lush green meadows. The snow-covered mountains tops of the valley are visible from the Sargi Top. The meadows make for a great campsite, given you are carrying your own gear and have prior trekking experience. Otherwise you can get in touch with your homestay owner in Lapas village and they will organize a trip for you to the Sargi top.

Views from the Sargi Top trek near Laas village

Stay in Lapas

Since Lapas is not a very touristy place, to begin with.There are only a few stay options in Lapas. Three properties are there is Lapas which are homestays run by local families. The properties are truly homestays unlike the other places which claim to be homestays but are run in a commercial fashion. You will truly feel relaxed and at ease while staying at one of these properties.

Lapas Temperature

The temperature in Lapas village is fairly similar to what you see in the rest of the valley. In the Summer months, a t-shirt is sufficient during the day. However, come night and you will require a good woolen sweater. In the Winter months proper winter clothing is suggested during the day and at night as the temperature might go as low as -5C at night.


How much time does Kasol to Lapas trip take?

A 3 day Delhi-Tosh –Delhi trip should cost around 3500 with one day stay at Tosh/per person.

Snowfall in Lapas?

Snowfall starts in Tosh by December.The surest way to have snow is to match your timings with snowfall prediction in Accuweather.

Barshaini to Lapas?

The distance between Barshaini and Tosh in 1.5 kilometers and takes 45-60 minutes to cover on foot.If you have a heavy backpack.

Road to Lapas?

The road to Tosh from Barshaini might get closed to vehicular traffic during or after monsoons because of rockfall and landslides and might not open till summers.

What is the height of Lapas village?

The Lapas Village is located at a height of 7540 feet it is nearby Shangna, Manikaran .

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