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About Malana

Malana is an ancient village situated high up in the Parvati Valley of the Kullu region. It is safe to say that Malana is the most famous village in the valley.  The village of Malana looks similar to the other villages in the valley, however, there is something about this village that hits differently than others. 

The village follows its own democracy with a judicial system (also known as, Malana Rules) with lower and higher courts. The government categorized the population of this village as tribals, and they follow a distinct system of self-governance. The village of Malana came to fame for its production of high-quality hashish. It is famous all across the world and it is even available in Amsterdam at higher prices.

Earlier, it used to take 5-6 hours to reach the village from the nearest road, but now, a road constructed leads you right below the village, cutting the trek duration to a mere 1 hour. This, however, has caused a higher tourist influx, converting an escape tourist destination into toxic tourism for the village.

Gateway to Malana

How to Reach Malana

Delhi to Malana

Take a bus from Delhi (or from the state you belong) to Kasol. The route is excellent till your Kasol (except for traffic). The frequency of buses plying from Delhi to Bhuntar is quite high, and there should be no trouble finding a seat in peak time as well. There are a few buses that run directly, so if you can catch one, you will directly reach the drop point, saving both your time and money. From there, you can take the trail to Rasol and traverse through Rasol-Malana route the next day.   

Kids enjoying a cloudy day in Malana

Bhuntar to Malana

To reach directly to Malana from Bhuntar, you have to reach Bhuntar in the morning. If you are a group of travelers, you can directly take a cab to the Malana trekking point. And if you are traveling solo, then, you can take the bus plying towards Kasol from Bhuntar, and then you have to get down at the Malana Dam complex

From there, you have to take a taxi to reach the start of the Malana trek, as no buses run from the Hydroelectric complex to the trekking point. The road conditions are not the best (still improving) as there are constant landslides and tree falls on this route. So, if you keep calm and read a book, you might find beauty elsewhere than your own time!

Malana Trek

Divergence of paths

There are two different routes to reach the Malana village. One way is to end the trek from the front side of the village (Malana trek point), and the other way is from the back side of it (Kasol-Rasol-Malana). Trekking to Malana from the front side is easier and the trek starts from the famous “Welcome to Malana Gate” that you must have seen before on the social media. 

Visible Glory

The village is visible from this point, and the trek distance is around 1.5 km. It should take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour for hikers. The trail descends into the valley and meets the Malana nallah (sewage line). You have to cross a bridge over the nallah, and then, the trail goes up into the mountain, as the altitude increases gradually. It takes 20 minutes to reach the village from the bridge.

Cannabis cultivation in Malana

Best Time to visit Malana Village

The best to visit Malana (lush paradise) is in the summer season (from May to July). It is the time of the year when the sun sets in properly in the valley. The entire valley bloom into dense vegetation, covered in thick mist. The weather during this period is pleasant throughout the day and the trails are perfect for a morning hike. After this period, monsoon sets in the valley and the trails become slippery and walking in this terrain becomes difficult (warning: unpredictable weather).

Malana Weather

During the summer season, between May to September, the weather in Malana remains pleasant in the daytime and at night, the temperature falls to a single digit. In the winter season, the daytime temperatures are in single digit and fall below the freezing point at night. 

Vegetation en route Malana

Winter in Malana

Malana is at a height of 8700 feet, which is almost the same height as that of Rasol which (another village situated high up in the valley). Malana experiences a good amount of snowfall throughout the winters and the village remains buried in 3-4 foot deep snow in most parts. 

The Malana trek has a moderate difficulty even in winters. The trail is usually free of deep snow as this path frequented by villagers, but one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of things taken for granted in summers are not available in winters. Still, a lot of tourists visit Malana despite these coarse conditions.

Malana Homestays

Dragon Guesthouse:  

The Dragon Guesthouse is inarguably the most famous property in the Malana Village and a lot of people swear by it. It has a lot of the buzz around the village because of its old heritage outlook. Back in the old days of Malana, it was the only guest house in the village before it came into spotlight.

Ayoya Homestay: 

There are options available, starting from a bunk bed at a cost of 400 INR and then, the rooms cost around 800 INR.  

A religious monk smoking the Malana Cream

Attractions in Malana

Untouchables of Malana

There is a large section of the village that still follows the custom of untouchability, and foreigners to the village are not allowed to touch the native people of Malana. If you happen to touch them, they will take a bath immediately. The people of Malana consider themselves as a pure race and  they avoid any contact with outsiders.

Jamlu Devta

Jamlu Devta is the deity of the Malana village and everybody in the village has to abide by his divinity. It is believed that upsetting this deity brings misfortune to the village and the inhabitants. Recently, the deity was upset (as reported) because of the toxic tourism happening in the village, ruling for a no outsider stay policy in the village after sunset. Jamlu Devta also took part in the Kullu Dusshera, that takes part in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

Descendants of Alexander the Great

As believed by the villagers, Alexander the great once marched with his armies in this region and a few of his soldiers were awestruck by the beauty of the valley, and decided to stay back. Later on, they married local ladies and set up the village of Malana. Going by this story, people of Malana are descendants of the Greeks. 

Malana Cream

Malana cream is a sticky, aromatic by product of the cannabis plant, which grows naturally all across the state of Himachal Pradesh. The element that makes Malana cream so special is the strain, that was initially brought by westerners into the valley due to the conditions it requires to grow. The cannabis plantation of Malana is not anywhere near the village. It is on a distant land,  which is hard to reach a high altitude mountain slope. The people of Rasol and Malana both grow cannabis on the same hill. 

FAQs on Malana

Q1. What is Malana famous for?

Ans. Quilted in the nestled village of Malana in the Parvati Valley, there exist many good reasons to know about it. In accordance to the hippie crowd, Malana cream seems a decent enough reason to visit the protected paradise. Otherwise, for nature lovers, the picturesque setting and rich history of Malana compels them to enter the humble abode of the Gods.    

Q2. Is there a direct bus to Malana?

Ans. No, there is no direct bus to Malana village. There are two bus drop points from where you can trek to Malana. First drop point is Kasol (9 km) and the other drop point is near the “Welcome to Malana ” gate (4 km).  

Q3. Is Malana accessible in winters? 

Ans. Yes, Manala is accessible during the winter season. Most of the homestays are open but there are no food stalls on the route from Jari to Malana. You can ask your homestay owner to provide you good home cooked meals.  

Q4. What is the cheapest way to reach Malana?

Ans. Reach Jari police post by the bus from Bhuntar bus stop. Take a shared cab to Malana trek start point or walk till the “Welcome to Malana” gate.

Q5. Is staying at Malana banned?

Ans. No, it isn’t banned. Each accommodation has a subjective booking procedure (be on your best behavior).

Q6. Can we touch people of Malana? 

Ans. If you happen to touch them, they will take a bath immediately. The people of Malana consider themselves as a pure race and they avoid any contact with outsiders. But aside from the myth of it all, you can enjoy your stay with locals and secretly touch them behind the closed door.

Q7. Is hash legal in Malana? 

Ans. The daily income of the Malana inhabitants depends on cannabis cultivation and production of the world-renowned Malana cream. Despite this, consumption and trading of hash is illegal in India. If you happen to encounter the holy Malana cream, don’t plan to resell it. Consume it and leave the village peacefully.  

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