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7200 feet


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till Unchdhar

7200 feet


All year

About Shilha

The Shilha Village is a hidden gem in the Parvati Valley and not many people know about it existence. It is located in the pastel green slopes of the mountains and it lies 7 km ahead of Manikaran. The village is an escape from the touristy hamlet of Kasol and it gives you an opportunity to stay the night in the lap of nature. 

The neon green slopes of the valley are a visual treat as sunlight peeks through the clouds, lighting a patch of the mountain. Every now and then, a cloud parade engulfs the valley and turns it into a mystical paradise. The village has a hippie friendly atmosphere and welcomes everyone who cares and respect their village rules; for someone who loves nature(and doobies).  

Shilha Village and white mountain top near Barshaini

How to reach Shilha

Kasol to Shilha


To reach Shilha from Kasol, you have to board the bus going towards Barshaini from Kasol, passing Manikaran and Lapas Village. From Manikaran, the trail leading to the Shilha village is around 7 Km. The trail starts at Unchdhar. You can tell the bus conductor to let you down at Unchdhar. After getting out at Unchdhar, ask the locals about the start of the trailhead. 


From here, you can to see the village of Shilha located in the green pastel mountain slopes of Parvati Valley and it takes one and a half hour. It is relatively easy, even for beginners. You can see the valley open up as you gain more height. and unraveling a true lush sight that will be etched in your heart forever.

A mixture of tradtional and modern architecture, a house in the Shilha Village

Shilha in winters

Shilha turns into a snow white heaven for a short span during the winter months. But, it remains high and dry for the rest of the winter season. Since, Shilha is 7 km ahead of Manikaran, the valley gains altitude gradually and receives a fair bit of snowfall during the winter month. However, the snow usually melts off within 2-3 days of snowfall. So, if you want to see snow, you have to plan your trip in accordance with the weather forecast.

Parvati River near Shilha Village

Kasol-Shilha Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Kasol to Unchdhar by bus. And from Unchdhar to Shilha village trek, it will take 1.5 hours to reach the village.

Day 2: Stay at Shilha Village today.  

Day 3: Trek down from Shilha to Kasol. 

Note: If you are visiting Shilha, it makes greater sense to stay there for more than one day.

Stay in Shilha

In recent times, a lot of stay options have emerged in the Shilha village. You will not have any problems finding a stay in the village. You can perhaps look at our database to find a suitable homestay option here. It is a fairly budget-friendly village in the valley with cascading waterfalls and majestic mountains in the backdrop. Not many people know about it yet, so it’s not highly commercialized.

Shilha Temperature

The winter sets forth in the month of November, turning entire landscape turns cold and dry. Snow hits the valley by the second week of December and then, periodic stretches of snowfall occur, covering the surrounding areas with thick blanket of snow. 

The road might be at times closed  due to vehicular traffic in the winter months but one can always walk from Unchdhar. Winter also brings a few hardships like inconsistent power supply and difficulty to navigate in the snow. But again, it’s an integral part of the lifestyle surrounding the habitants of Shilha.

Treks around Shilha

Shilha has one fine trek originating from it; The Sarkundi Pass. The Sarkundi Pass connects the village of Shilha with Grahan Village, which lies on the other side of the mountain. It is the route that the people of Grahan and Shilha used in ancient times to do trade. 

Now, locals use it for their commercial plots, but not very often. If you have prior experience in navigating through Himalayan terrain and you can read and comprehend the terrain, then you will have no problem completing this trek. However, if you don’t, please take a guide with you. You’ll surely find one in the Shilha Village. 

FAQs on Shilha

Q1. How much does it cost to reach Shilha from Kasol?

Ans. It takes a mere 30-50 INR to reach Shilha Village from Kasol via bus. Ask the conductor to let you know beforehand when the drop point arrives. Get down at Unchdhar and trek to Shilha. (prices are subjected to inflation)

Q2. How can I go to Shilha village?  

Ans. If you are solo traveler or in a group, you can reach Shilha by taking a bus from the Kasol bus stand. It takes one and a half hour to complete the trek to the Shilha Village from Unchdhar. The trek distance is 2.5 km from the starting point.   

Q3. What is the temperature in Shilha Village?

Ans. The temperature in Shilha Village dips down to 5 degree Celsius at night during the summer month. And, in winters, it might drop to -5 degree Celsius at night.  

Q4. What are the homestay prices in Shilha?

Ans. The Shilha village is a rather economic place to stay. On an average, the homestays charge around 500 INR for a night. Charges may vary with food combos.

Q5. Where is Shilha? 

Ans. Nestled in the coniferous junction of Parvati Valley, Shilha is remote off-beat village near Kasol. It is about 7 km from the Kasol (hippie hamlet of Himachal) bus stand and only takes an hour to reach the base point of the village.   

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