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About Tulga

Tulga lies in between the village of Kalga and Pulga. However, Tulga and Pulga are two different villages. So, Pulga and Tulga lie on the same side of the mountain. Tulga is scarcely populated of the surrounding villages and it has very few houses. Tourist influx to the village is also very less. 

This village is a quaint one and it offers great views of the surrounding hill and vast patches that are covered with barley crop. The golden fields and snow covered mountains coupled with the setting sun, make a picture perfect frame during your stay here. Sufficed by the charms of Kasol and other low-hanging fruits, tourists barely attempt to visit this beautiful village.  

The Tulga village

How to reach Tulga

Kalga to Tulga

If you want to reach Kalga, then you have to be on the other side of the stream dividing Pulga and Tulga. It takes around twenty minutes to reach Tulga from Kalga village. Just cross the bridge before arriving at Tulga.


Pulga to Tulga

Both villages lie on the same side of the mountain. Tulga is around 15 minutes away from Pulga with a well marked trail to help tourists have zero problems navigating through it.

Barshaini to Tulga

There are two ways to reach Tulga from Barshaini. One way leads through Kalga village and the other way takes you through the Pulga village. So, if you are in Barshaini, you will see a trail going downhill, connecting to a bridge. 

This trail will take you to Pulga and the other villages that are visible from Barshaini. Continue on that trail to reach Pulga and Tulga will be on the left side of Pulga village.


The Fairy Forest near Tulga village

Stay in Tulga

Accommodation choices are very few in the Tulga village. The residents of Tulga are happy to live a life devoid of commercial activities of tourists, having the place to themselves. After seeing the influx of non-native people in the surrounding villages, inhabitant of the village feel secured and happy due to a simple lifestyle. 

But if tourists conduct themselves with dignity and be respectful towards them, they will allow them to stay with them in their houses or allow them to pitch their tents in the nearby meadows.  

Treks around Tulga


Kutla is a high altitude meadow surrounded by forests on all sides and it offers tempting views of the snow-covered ranges of the Parvati Valley. Kutla is situated 3 km from Tosh and it takes around an hour to reach Kutla from Tosh.


Kheerganga trek is also accessible from Tosh. You can start from the village in the morning and reach Kheerganga by evening. Stay the night and come down the next day.


Buddhaban is a grassland situated one hour away from Kutla and it is on the way to Animal Pass or Sara Umga la Trek. So, you can visit Buddhaban if you are going to Kutla from Tosh and plan to spend the night at Kutla.

Animal Pass/Sara Umga La

It is a difficult trek that starts from the Tosh village. It crosses over to Lahaul on the other side of the Tosh Glacier. Peaks like Papsura and Indrasan are visible during this trek.

Street view of the Tulga Village

FAQs on Tulga

Q1. How do I get to Tulga? 

Ans. Tulga is the middle village in Pulga-Tulga-Kalga village belt. For tourists interested in coming to Tulga must get down at Barshaini and hike for 30 mins on the accurate marked trail to the village. 

Q2. What is the source of Parvati river? 

Ans.  The long meandering stream of Parvati River originates from the melted glaciers of the Parvati Valley into the Mantalai Lake (situated 4100 m from the sea level).  From there, various streams diverge and reach different parts of the valley. 

Q3. Is there accommodation available in Tulga? 

Ans. You can find accommodation in the Tulga village with superb food options and delish local treats to satisfy your appetite. Some essential mentions for staycation are: Om Shanti’s Cafe, Baba’s Cafe, and Into the Woods, Tulga.  

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