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Over the years, tourist influx has increased considerably in the Spiti region (because of a long trail of influencers). With various content creators flocking to this breathtaking valley to click photos and ear revenue by posting these serene views of Spiti. Despite all glamour ensued, it hard to not go to Spiti. There are two routes to reach Spiti Valley from Delhi. One goes through Shimla, and the other goes through Manali. The shortest route takes two days to reach this valley(a humble 25 hours drive). 

Himachal Pradesh Corporation Bus to Spiti

Modes of Transport

Delhi to Spiti Valley by Car

Can you go to Spiti by car? Simply put, it is a once in a lifetime experience and this elaborate journey will fill your heart with immense diversity of mother nature. Private vehicles are a good way to reach the valley, but it is advisable to put trust on local drivers than to ride dangerously on the roads. 

Delhi to Spiti Valley Flight

Travel enthusiasts are always looking to travel with any means necessary but proximity to airport remains the best way to travel. So, which airport is near to Spiti Valley? The nearest Airport to Kaza is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. The airport is situated at a distance of 231 km from Kaza, becoming the district headquarter of Spiti Valley. Ever since the inception of tourism in the valley, Spiti has been promised an airport in every election, but nothing has been done to this date. People from Spiti envy the people of Ladakh due their proximity from the mainland in any weather. Hopefully, an airport in this god-loving valley will change the demographics of Spiti.

Delhi to Spiti Valley Bus

The most commutable mode of transport remains to be the movement of local buses on this route.  Travel from Delhi to Spiti valley via bus takes many routes. From Delhi, tourists can book private Volvo buses or govt. owned HRTC or HPTC buses till the Manali or Shimla. Then, take a bus going to Kaza to reach the transport capital of the Spiti Valley.  Delhi to Spiti valley bus fare is subjected to leisure and availability of the transport.  It will cost you around 1200-1500 INR to reach Kaza on an ordinary HPTC bus. 

Delhi to Spiti Private Taxi/Cab 

It is my humble advice to not book a taxi to Spiti Valley from Delhi. First of all, you will have a hard time getting a taxi and most of the time, the one who agrees to go to Spiti from Delhi does not have the faintest idea where Spiti is and about the challenges ahead.  For example, a tourist once booked a cab to Kaza from Delhi, the driver unprofessionally showed up with only two T-shirts in his luggage. That should give you an idea of what people will do for money. 

You can hire a taxi from either Manali or Rampur Bushahr, depending on the route you are traveling. It is advisable to hire a taxi after a thorough investigation about the facts of their previous operations in Spiti before. If not, don’t take the taxi. 


Sharp-turn ahead; enroute Spiti

Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Conditions

As mentioned earlier, the Delhi to Kaza roadway is open all year round and remains under constant maintenance and repair all along its entirety. However, one thing to keep in mind would be that on certain designated days, blasting(rock fall) takes place in some sections of the road for road expansion and maintenance. So, it would be a good idea to check at the Shimla/Manali bus stand as to what are those specific days. Even if you seem to be headed to Spiti on a blasting day, there is nothing to worry about, as most of the blasting sites are restored within a few hours of the blasting, causing a very minor delay. While stranded, try to enjoy the views outside and go for a short walk. 

Delhi to Spiti valley via Shimla

The distance of Spiti Valley from Delhi is 731 km and it takes 22-24 hours at least to cover it. One has to reach Shimla via bus/car, then, from Shimla, reach Narkanda. As you go deeper into the Shimla district, entire mountain slopes covered with apple orchards are visible clearly, and this continues for a very long time. Apple farming is the main source of income here. Slowly, the transition from Shimla into Kinnaur valley starts and apple orchards are replaced with big mountain rock faces. 

The area of Kinnaur is rocky and dry. As you keep moving higher and higher, one can notice change in the religious practices of people have at different altitude. People of Upper Kinnaur practice Buddhism, whereas the lower regions are vested deeply into the Devta culture. 

The journey halts for the day at Reckong Peo, which is the district headquarter of Kinnaur. The majestic Kinner Kailash range is partially visible from this point. The next day, you have to start again here for Kaza. At 6:00 AM, leaving for Kaza is a good idea, as it is 200 km away from here. By the early afternoon, you should reach Sumdo where the district boundaries of Kinnaur end and boundary of Spiti starts. There is an eatery up ahead if you are feeling hungry. And after having lunch, continue towards Kaza. You should reach Kaza by 5:00 PM (if all goes well).

Majestic mountains of Spiti Valley

Delhi to Spiti valley via Manali

The distance between Delhi to Kaza is 734 km, when you take the route via Manali. This route is the shorter of the two routes and it saves you a lot of time. However, the altitude gain is higher on this route than the one way through Shimla. This route is shut down by mid-October due to the heavy snowfall caused by the western disturbances, that hit the Himalayas around this period. 

Owing to the surrounding mountain passes, the road gets blocked under deep snow and remains closed for a further 6 months. The road passes from Manali towards Rohtang Pass, then it descends into the Lahaul valley, follows the Chandra river, and turns to the right at Gramphoo. It is at Gramphoo the road bifurcates; one going towards Ladakh and the other towards Spiti.

Turbulent roads of Spiti Valley

Delhi to Spiti Valley Solo travel

Traveling solo to Spiti Valley is not a taboo as people think it to be. There is just one thing that is the key to solo travel in any part of the world – “Stop complaining and embrace the challenges.  Suck it up”. When you start following this rule, everything will be so much more enjoyable than before, emanating a great experience.

Local buses operating in the winter season

Spiti Valley Most Common Itenary

Day 1: Take the Delhi – Reckong Peo bus at 6:00 PM from the ISBT bus stop. 

Day 2: Reach Reckong Peo by 5:00 PM. Find accommodation near the bus stand or rest there. If you are a non-vegetarian, some great fried chicken is available right outside the bus stop. It will taste good with beautiful overlooking views of the Kinner Kailash mountain range.

Day 3: Wake up at 5:30 AM, go to the bus stand. Get in line at the ticket counter. Take the 6:00 AM bus to Kaza and after reaching there book an accommodation in the village. 

Day 4: Visit the Kee Monastery (Kibber-Chicham Circuit) and catch the evening bus to Mudh (last village of Spiti).

Day 5: Visit Mudh in the Pin Valley. You can hike to nearby hills or travel to the Pin Valley National Park on foot.

Day 6: Return to Kaza. Visit the Hikkim-Langza circuit. Two-wheeler and four-wheeler rental options are available in Kaza.

Day 7: Catch the morning bus to Manali or Reckong Peo from the Kaza bus stand.


How to reach from Delhi to Spiti Valley on Flight?

The nearest airport to Kaza is in Bhuntar, Kullu. It is about 231 km away from the quaint village of Kaza.

How to reach from Delhi to Spiti Valley on Train?

There are no direct trains to Spiti Valley. The nearest railway station is Shimla station. 

What is the best route for Delhi to Spiti valley?

The best route for Delhi to Spiti Valley is through Shimla because of the slow altitude gain and less coarser roads than the Manali route.

How to travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley in December?

In December, the only road through that allows accessibility  is via Shimla. 

What is the Delhi to Kaza bus HRTC bus fare?

The cost of Delhi to Kaza HRTC Bus is 1000 INR.

Status of Delhi to Spiti Valley road in March?

The Lahaul valley remains inside snow in March. Therefore, the only way is through Shimla-Reckong Peo.

Do private buses run between Delhi to Spiti Valley?

No. Only HRTC or other locally operated buses run from Manali to Kaza. Volvo buses are available till Manali and Shimla respectively.

How far is Spiti valley from Delhi?

Kaza is approximately 720 km away from Delhi.

What is the Delhi to Reckong Peo/Shimla bus timing?

The bus leaves Delhi bus stand at 07:15 am, 06:00 am, and 20:00 pm.

What is the Kaza to Reckong Peo/Manali bus timing?

The HRTC bus from Kaza leaves the bus stand at 7:00 AM.

Cost of renting a car from Delhi to Spiti Valley?

The taxi fare from Delhi to Kaza is around 35,000-30,000 INR, including a round trip. You will not get a private taxi for one way. You have to take a round trip or just travel like normal people.

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