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About Demul Village

Demul is a village that distinguishes itself from its neighbors. Certain practices in Demul are unique from anywhere else in the valley. The villagers follow a rule that allows each household to earn in a systematic order, restricting anybody from holding a monopoly. 

You can view the rugged and highly sediment hills of Spiti from a vantage point near the village. From here, the entire Spiti Valley is visible and it is solely responsible to bring tourists to this village

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Women Working in the Fields of Demul

How to Reach Demul Village

A Friendly Way

There are two approach routes to Demul village: the shortest one is 34 km away from Kaza. if you take this route, you will reach Lidang, which lies towards the Shimla side from Kaza and it is 14 km separate from the highway. From there, you make the cut towards Demul by covering another 20 km to the village. The first route is for travelers who want to spend quality time in Demul rather than ticking places off the checklist. 

Longer Route

The second route is through Langza-Hikkim-Komic-Demul belt. This is the longer route, as it consumes more time and chances suggest that you will not visit Demul after Komic. It is advised to stay the night in Demul. 

Kaza to Demul Village

A government owned bus runs from Kaza to Demul from the Kaza bus stand daily at 5:00 PM and the same bus returns from Demul to Kaza at 7:30 AM. In the winter season, however, the service discontinues and you have to opt for shared taxi service. 

Lush Landscape of Demul Village

Homestays in Demul Village

The specialty of Demul Village is that you will find abundant homestays here. The entire village works as a co-operative and everybody gets a chance to host a guest, implying that everybody gets a fair chance to earn. 

The winters in the region are very harsh and the modes of livelihood are scarce, so hosting people gives a small boost to their incomes. The village has a nodal officer appointed, who allocates the staying place for tourists. Interestingly, if you want to stay for 3 days, you will have to stay at 3 different homestays every day.

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Balari Top-Demul Village

Visible Confluence

Located at 16,250 feet another, that is 2000 feet more vertical height above Demul, a two-hour hike from the Demul Village exists the vantage point from where the 18 villages of Spiti Valley are visible at once. One can even see the confluence of the Spiti, Pin Lingti river systems from Balari Top. 

Off-beat Excursion 

The neighboring spaces are free of toxic tourism because very few people visit Demul and even fewer people visit the Balari Top (the 2-hour trek). Even though it might be not on your current travel itinerary, it is something you should do and experience. One can experience such by staying in the village for the night and enjoy the trek with stunning views of valley. The various peaks such as Kanamo, Chau Chau KhangNilda are also visible from there.

White-Stupa Landmark

If you are traveling by a private vehicle,  then driving till the White-colored Stupa can save a lot of time. It is situated at the top of the scissor bend from where Demul is visible for the first time. Here on, the trail gains elevation when you walk up the ridge. It takes around an hour or two to reach the top, depending on your stamina.

Road Map to Demul and Nearby Attractions

Story of Demul Village

It Started When

A farmer lost his yak and started searching for it. The yak wandered away and went to a high altitude pasture. The farmer after searching for the yak finally found it to be in an area that was full of greenery and fertile soil, which is a rare setup in the cold desert of Spiti.

Settlement Window

So, the farmer decided to take his family there and settle in this green pasture land. Later on, he called all his relatives to settle there as well. Judging the story told by the villagers to incoming tourists, everybody in the village must be related to each other in some aspects. 

Demul-to Balari-Top-Spiti
White Stupa and the Trail to the Balari Top
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