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About Gette

The Gette Village is a very small settlement located near Kibber of Spiti Valley. Gette is very distinct than all other villages in the Spiti Valley because of the fact that there are only 7-8 houses in this village.

So, it offers a nostalgic feel that takes you back in time, giving you an idea how difficult life was in the old days (not that it is easy now). Gette falls on the road between Kibber and Tashigang. 

Houses in Gette Village

How to Reach Gette

Gette falls among the belt of high altitude villages of Kibber-Gette-Tashigang. Gette is around 26 Kilometers away from Kaza and there are two ways of reaching the village. 

First Route

Continue on the Kaza to Kibber road and as the village of Kibber comes into view, you will see a board pointing to a dirt road pointing towards Tashigang. Take the road towards your right side and continue uphill. After 10 km, you will come across the Gette village and if you continue straight on that road for another 6 km,  you will then reach Tashigang.

Green Pastures of Gette Village

Key Monastery to Gette

Second Route

A lot of people don’t know about this route but it is used extensively by the people who live in Gette to come down from the high altitude village. So starting from the Key Village, there is a trail that leads to the Key Monastery. 

If you happen to reach Key Monastery through the road that leads to the monastery, then too it works perfectly, but the trail from the village is the shorter route. Now, once you have reached the same height as the monastery, you have to walk upwards on the same trail. 

Monastery, from the road side, will be on your left if you are facing towards the Spiti River. So, carry on that trail and you shall reach Gette in about 2 hours. A lot of Israelis follow this route as they walk there  into the villages.  

Prayer Flags at Gette Cliff Point
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