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About Hikkim

Hikkim is a serene and quaint village, situated 16 km away from the district headquarters of Spiti; Kaza. The route to Hikkim bifurcates a little before the Rangrik Bridge, and the road moves uphill. Soon, the elevation gradually increases, and on multiple instances, you get to see the Spiti River floodplains with mountains across the other bank. 

This picturesque setting takes your breath away, especially in the winter season. Among other things is the highly famed Hikkim Post Office. The village does not have a lot of houses and this post office is the highest and remotest delivery stop in the world. Although, the natural beauty of the place is something that should take into account before visiting here, not the Post Office. 

Children of Hikkim

How to Reach Hikkim Village

Hikkim can be reached from both the Manali to Kaza route as well as the Shimla to Kaza route, depending upon the time of the year and the weather conditions. 

In the winter season, Shimla to Kaza route is functional for the most part. However, the Manali route closes somewhere around October. Bikes and cars come from both sides as when they are open. The route through Kinnaur is considered a lot easier and smoother than the Manali side for good reasons understood for a period of time.

Hikkim Homestay List

Kaza to Hikkim Bus

The bus from Kaza leaves for Hikkim at 5 PM every day. The bus covers the Kaza-Langza-Hikkim-Komic circuit, and it takes 90 minutes to do so. The very next day, the same bus returns from Komic to Kaza in the morning, following the Komic-Hikkim-Langza-Kaza circuit, And it starts from Komic at 7:30 AM. 


The fare is 50 rupees for the trip.

Seasonal Traffic

During winters, there is a discontinuity of this bus service. Travelers can either take a shared taxi or book the entire taxi to themselves. Hitchhiking is also possible, more so during the summer months, when the tourist influx is higher. 

Spiti Bus Service

Hikkim Post Office

Places to See in Hikkim Village

First and foremost, the natural beauty and tranquility of Hikkim is the best thing you can go for in the beginning. Since it is situated at a greater altitude than Kaza, it brings a unique kind of silence, which you don’t get at Kaza.

There is the monastery, which you can always go and find peace amidst the Buddhist sentiment of the valley. Apart from that, there is the famed Post office which is by far the prime reason for people go to Hikkim. 

Apart from the tourist attractions, there is a bank you can visit to deposit and withdraw money.  

Highest Post Office in World

Highest in the World 

Indian Postal Services at Hikkim, is the world’s highest post office at staggering height of over 4000 m above the sea level. Even though it is famous for its height, it has an compelling back story behind its establishment.  

Scene 1: Unique Story of the Post Master

The postmaster has manned the post office since its existence as he was the only person in the village qualified to do so. 

Scene 2: Functions of post office

You can always post postcards to your loved ones and even yourself. The post office is manned by a staff of three people, including the postmaster and two postmen. The post office controls posts and letters of 7 other villages in the vicinity. 

Scene 3: Climatic Earthquake

Post the earthquake in 1975, the government officals in Spiti built roads and brought resources to Spiti. Due to advent of road system in Spiti, education is flourishing in valley so that members of each family could apply for a government job. In earlier times, people of Spiti were rather paranoid about welcoming new crowd as they had their own Buddhist belief system. 

Terrain near Hikkim

Fossils in Hikkim

Hikkim is a part of the high fossil belt of Spit along with Kibber as Spiti was under the erstwhile Tethys Sea, and a lot of organic matter lies underneath, so fossils are abundant. Read a fossil guide to know what to look for, otherwise every other fossil will look like another fossil. Maybe you can ask around the village and even buy a rare fossil from their collection.

Hikkim Monastery

The monastery in Hikkim is relatively less-known than other monasteries in the valley, but if you plan to visit this monastery, you won’t be disappointed as fewer people visit it. You can bask under the religious glory of this monastery and be all alone with your thoughts. Or perhaps talk to the monks about their lifestyles and Buddhism. The monks over here are very friendly, since a lot less people visit the monastery.

Mountains on the way to Hikkim

FAQs on Hikkim

Q1. What is the height is of Hikkim?

Ans. Hikkim is situated at height of 4400 m or 14,400 feet.

Q2. Is accommodation available in Hikkim ?

Ans. Yes, accommodation is available in Hikkim. However, it is limited. 

Hikkim Homestay List

Q2. What is the distance between Hikkim and Kaza ?

Ans. The distance between Hikkim to Kaza is 15.4 km and it takes around 50 minutes to cover this distance in a vehicle.

Q3. What is the Hikkim Post Office address?

Ans. The postal address of the Hikkim Post Office: Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh – 172114.  Use this address if you want to send a postcard to Hikkim.

Q4. How to reach from Langza to Hikkim?

Ans. Take the bus from Kaza that covers the Langza-Hikkim circuit in the morning.

Q5. What is the distance between Hikkim to Komic?

Ans. The distance between Hikkim and Komic is 4 km and it takes 15 minutes to reach Komic.

Q6. Are there any hotels available in Hikkim?

Ans. Hotels are not available in Hikkim, only homestays are available. There is also one cafe/bistro that offers accommodation. 

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