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About Komic Village

Komic Village of Spiti Valley, shot to fame as titled “Highest Village with motorable road access”; this however is not true. The village of Komic is at a very high altitude of 4587 m. To put it into perspective Mont Blanc, which is the Mecca of European mountaineers, is the place where all European mountaineers go (height 4,810 m). Going by this data, the Komic Village is pretty chill.

However, if you were to visit the land of lamas because of facts and figures that would be not going by the spirit. Komic Village has the Tnagyud Monastery, which has  lot of interesting stories associated with it also explains the name and the existence of the village. Komic Village lies in the Kaza-Langza-Hikkim-Komic circuit. The population of the village is estimated at around 60-65 individuals. The village gets buried under deep snow in the winter season and life gets very harsh in this period.

Barren Mountains surrounding Komic Village

Komic Village Temperature

All the villages in the Spiti Valley, including Komic Village, experience chill winds through out the year. In the summer season, the temperature around village ranges from 15-35 degree Celsius, where as during the winter season, the temperature fluctuates in a range that drop to even -30 degree Celsius.  

Best Time to Visit Komic Village

Unlike lush forests of Himachal Pradesh, the barren terrain of Spiti has its own unique innateness that draws thousands of tourist to its nest. But due to its remoteness and inaccessibility of technology, the harsh conditions of the valley proves to be force to be reckoned with. 

To enjoy the majestic dusty hills of Spiti, the best time to visit Komic Village is between the months of March to August. During this time, you will find no snow with bearable weather conditions for an adventurous exploration of the valley. 

How to Reach Komic Village

Remote by Default

Komic Village can be reached via Manali and Shimla route. The Manali route closes around the month of October due to heavy snowfall at Rohtang and Lahul. In the summer season, it makes for a very good and scenic route. This being said the road conditions are not very good if compared to Shimla route. However, the variety and the dynamics of this route are very different from the other route. 

Winter Onset

In the winter season, though there is no other option and one has to take the Shimla-Reckongpeo-Kaza circuit to reach Spiti. If you want to cover Langza-Hikkim-Komic then, you can book a cab if you are accompanied by fellow travelers (it will be a cheaper option). 

For Solo Travelers

If you are solo traveling, then the cheapest way would be to hitchhike or you can probably talk to fellow travelers in your homestay at Kaza to see if there is spot for one more person. Another way is to stand at the bus stand and wait for taxi (covering the circuit) to stop that has an empty seat.

Kaza to Komic Village

Reaching Komic from Kaza can be divided into two parts; summer season and winter season. During the summertime, the bus from Kaza runs for Komic at 5:00 PM from the Kaza bus stand. The bus goes through Langza-Hikkim and reaches Komic at 6:30 PM. 

The very next day, the bus leaves for Kaza in the morning at 7:30 AM, following the same route. So, if you are going by the bus you will have to stay the night at Komic or whichever village you decide to get off. 

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An Open Clearing in Komic Village

Things to Do in Komic Village

There isn’t much to see in Komic apart from the Tnagyud Monastery, which is very distinct from other monasteries in Spiti, making a unique gem in a set of two in Spiti Valley. 

Tnagyud Monastery

A long time a ago in the distant land of Tibet, there was a prophecy that a monastery shall be built in Spiti at a place that has the following specifications:

The mountains behind the monastery should have the shape of a Mountain Lion on the left and a Beheaded Eagle on the right. The area should have four springs nearby. The area where the monastery shall be built must be the shape of the eye of a Snow Cock.(“Ko”- Snow cock, “Mic”- Eye).The Tnagyud Monastery is one of the monasteries that belongs to the ‘Sakya’ section of Buddhism.

Komic Village in Winter Season

Snowleopard in Komic Village

So, the Snowleopard of Komic (statue) has been installed for a long time near the Tnagyud Monastery, the monks clean it once in a while, making it accessible for visitors. It had lived a glorious life in the mountains of Spiti and after its death, it serves as a stuffed display. 

An interesting fact about it is that women are not allowed to see or even go near the enclosure where the snow leopard is kept. So, don’t go around waving your baton of feminism. Try to respect their traditions and ask the monks if it possible to see the statue. 

Homestays in Komic Village

There are no hotels in the remote areas of the Spiti Valley and it should stay that way. The way forward is supporting locals and staying at their homestays and not returning to the luxury you might have booked in Kaza. There are three homestay options available in the village; details are given below. 

1. Tanpa Homestay – 9459483143 

2. Gompa House – 9873146404 

3. Padma Homestay – 9459357872

The safest bet is the monastery because most people don’t run homestays in the winter season. So, you could go to the monastery and talk to a monk about staying there for some amount of money. 

If you don’t find an operational homestay in Komic you can visit Hikkim or Langza. You will surely find a homestay there.

Kids Playing Volleyball in the Komic Village

Camping in Komic Village

“The world is your playground and Spiti is your campsite.” – Krishnendu Mazumdar 

Just make sure you are not camping on somebody’s land. If you see a house from where you are camping go ask and take permission to camp in their field. It is good to camp near the village, not too near. So, you can go there in times of emergency and other supplies.

FAQs on Komic Village

Q1. Which is the highest village of in the world?

Ans. According to the recent data evaluation, Komic Village, situated at a height of 15,500 feet, is the highest village in the world. 

Q2.  How do I get to Komic Village? 

Ans. Komic Village can be reached via Manali and Shimla route. The Manali route closes around the month of October due to heavy snowfall at Rohtang and Lahaul. In the summer season, it makes for a good scenic route.

Q3. What does Komic boasts of? 

Ans. Komic Village is known for being the world’s highest motorable destination in the world. Now, it boasts of its vaccination drive in the village, confirming vaccination of all its habitant due to COVID-19 spread. 

Q4. Which is the highest village in India? 

Ans. Komic Village is the highest village in India as well as in the world. At a staggering height of 15.550 feet, the village in Spiti Valley is a globally recognized as the highest motorable village.  

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