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About Chalal

Chalal is a small village situated on the right bank of the Parvati River, right next to the now-famous hippie town of Kasol. Chalal is famous for its proximity to Kasol, and it is a go-to location for hikers looking for a short trek. 

The once quaint village, is now full of people backpacking around Himachal Pradesh, wanting an escape from the boredom of daily life. Chalal is preferred for being amidst the green forest of Parvati Valley, adorning exotic flora and fauna. It has now developed into a tourist-friendly location with few shops, cafes, and campsites scattered across the forest. 

There is no other mode of travel other than being on foot as no vehicular movement is possible. It also falls in between the transit to two other villages of Parvati Valley, namely, Rasol and Katagla.

Aerial View of Forest

How to Reach Chalal

Kasol to Chalal

The Kasol to Chalal trek is a very short trek. You only have to cross a bridge, that is located 20 meters to the left of Kasol bus stand. An alleyway on the left will lead you to a forest clearing where the bridge to Chalal is visible. The current metal truss bridge used to be a shaky suspension bridge in the early days. After crossing the bridge, the marked trail takes you through beautiful greenery with gushing streams of river adjacent to it. If you continue on the trail for 20 minutes, you will see small homestays and campsites. 

Chalal to Rasol

The trek to Rasol passes through Chalal and it takes approximately 3 hours to reach the Rasol village. The trail to Rasol can be identified easily, as it has marked directions throughout the trek. However, if you feel lost during your hike, ask the campsite owners in Chalal for directions. The trail is steep at certain places, however, it is doable even for rookies.  

Chalal to Katagla

The trek from Kasol to Katagla passes through Chalal. The easiest way to reach Katagla is to follow the river. The route to Katagla goes along the Parvati River, and it takes around 40 minutes to reach Katagla from Chalal.    

Campsite at Chalal

Homestays in Chalal

There are a lot of options available in homestay options in Chalal. Around 15 minutes on the trail, you will find a green-colored guest house, they play psytrance in the evening and within 5 minutes from that guest house, you will find a campsite by the river that is run by local villagers. 

There are multiple options for staying in Chalal as the village opens up very early. Homestays and all kind of options are available at Chalal, be it long stay or short and fairly cheap accommodation.  

Best Time to Visit Chalal

There is no best time to visit Chalal. It offers serene backdrops for a beautiful click and it’s always buzzing with some event or the other. Temperature in Chalal village ranges from 18 – 30 degree Celsius in summers to – 2 degree – 15 degree in winters. So, plan accordingly and find a plethora of cafes and the spiritual vibe of the village during your stay here.  

Parvati River

Chalal Temperature

The temperature of Chalal stays pleasant throughout the year because it is completely covered by forest on all sides and no vehicular movement troubles your peace. The temperature varies between 8-15 degree C from day to night in the winters and 30 – 25 degree Celsius in the summer season.

Psychedelic Parties in Chalal

Chalal, over the years has become the hub for psychedelic parties in the Parvati Valley due to its remote location. The drop and pop culture of these parties demand a place that serves as a quiet location. The parties take place deep inside the forests of Chalal and loud psychedelic music can be heard all across the valley. A lot of foreigners take part in such parties. However, due to crackdown by local administration and annoyed villagers, the parties take place further deep inside the forest.

Valley view from a house in Chalal

Where to Eat in Chalal

There are not a lot of options available in Chalal in terms of eating and you will have to come to Kasol or go further ahead to Katagla to grab a bite. Although, there are a few pop up shops on the way that provide things like biscuits and munchies. There are camps too where you will get egg and bread with tea (recommended). It is always a good idea to carry light snacks with you when hiking in the forest. Do remember to bring your waste bag with you, cleanliness will make you less of a piece of shit.

Winter in Chalal

The winter season sets in the month of November and the entire terrain dries up gradually. And in late December, you might even see snow in Chalal if you are in the valley when the western disturbance hits. The snow usually melts by the next day and snowfall takes place at night for the most part. 

Fresh snowfall in Chalal

Treks around Chalal

Katagla: Katagla is a village situated 40 minutes away from Chalal and not many people know about it. It is emerging as a substitute to Kasol. Katagla also has many lucrative stay options. 

Rasol: The trek to Rasol from Chalal takes 3 hours and it is a fairly easy trek apart from a few steep sections. Rasol is situated at the same height as Malana Village and it is famous for Hashish.

FAQs on Chalal

Q1. How much does a Chalal trip cost?

Ans. The cheapest trip to Chalal would cost somewhere up to 3000 INR. If you are coming with a group, then it will cost even lesser.

Q2. Is Chalal trek difficult?

Ans. No, the Chalal trek is not even considered a trek (maybe a fun 15 min walk). Everybody can do this hike, so just have some courage to reach Kasol. 

Q3. How long is the Chalal Trek?

Ans. The Chalal trek is merely on 15-20 mins away from Kasol on foot. You just have to cross a bridge over the Parvati River to reach Chalal. 

Q4. How long is the Chalal trek from Kasol?

Ans. If anything, other than the beauty of the Parvati Valley, the small hike between Kasol to Chalal marks the ease of commute in the valley. Anybody can do this trek, it is not even a trek. It can be considered a walk.

Q5. What is Chalal? 

Ans. Chalal is a quaint village opposite to Kasol. To reach Chalal, you must cross the metal truss bridge to the other side of the Parvati River. 

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