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About Grahan Village

Grahan Village is among the lesser-known gems of Parvati Valley, and only a few people know about it. While the majority of the crowd from Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana flock around Kasol, the adjoining regions of Grahan are still untouched from the rush. Grahan is a very small picturesque village located 8 kilometers away from Kasol and it takes no more than 4 hours to reach the surreal hamlet of Grahan. 

The habitant of this beautiful destination are very friendly and they offer a warm welcome. The villagers lead a very simple life, you could expect the same for yourself in this serene setting. It is far from the highly connected world as the mobile signal dies a slow death on the trekking route. 

A lot of foreign tourists also come to the village to spend some time away from the ever-bustling Kasol. Grahan is a very slow-paced village, and pretty much like Kalga, it is on a plane with surrounding high peak mountains all around. The lush green farms of the village, add to the natural beauty of the place and in the winter season, the surrounding peaks are fully covered with snow and slowly. With the onset of winter, Grahan also gets its fair share of snowfall.

A day in the life of Grahan Village

How to Reach Grahan

Bhuntar to Grahan Village

To reach from Bhuntar to Grahan, first, you have to reach Kasol. There are multiple ways of reaching Kasol from Bhuntar. Shared cabs are available from Bhuntar to Kasol 24*7, also there is a very robust bus service between Bhuntar and Kasol. A lot of government, as well as private buses, ply to Barshaini via Kasol. Kasol lies in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, which is famous for its greenery and natural resources. 

Kasol to Grahan Village

Kasol to Grahan

Grahan village is situated at a distance of 8 km from Kasol and it takes around 3 to 5 hours to reach Grahan, depending on your speed and resting intervals. It is wise to start the Grahan trek in the morning, as you have sufficient daylight left when you reach there. Therefore, you can choose where you want to stay and not be in a rush to settle for the first place you see. 

When you reach Kasol, you will find a bridge constructed near the Kasol bus stand, the nallah(sewer line). The Grahan nallah goes all the way to the village. So, if you were to follow the trail in the direction opposite to which the nallah is flowing, you will reach Grahan village. 

Trail to Grahan

Once you start on the trail to the Grahan Village, the nallah will be to your left. In some time, you will come across a bridge, which you should avoid as the path is more inclined on the other side of the bridge. Within an hour of commencing your journey, you should be able to cover a distance of around 2 km. By this time, you will be walking through a dense jungle among the coniferous trees with cold mountain breeze grazing your face, and the sunlight peeking through the dense forest canopy.

Then, you will come across the beautiful bridge shown in the image above. Again, you can avoid the difficult route by not going through this bridge and continuing on the trail. If you take the route through the bridge, then too you will reach Grahan, but it will take more time. So continuing on the trail by avoiding the bridge, you will reach a crossing over the nallah, that goes to the other side of the nallah. After the crossing, the nallah will be on your right side. 

Walking 30 minutes on the trail will bring you to a Dhaba(a place to eat), where you can eat light and rest for a bit. The owner of this establishment also offers stay options, but it is not advisable to stay in the middle of the forest. You will find a few more makeshift eateries on the way. After eating at the Dhaba, you will reach the 1.5 km mark board(feels like 2.5 km). 


Now, you will have two directions, as the trail bifurcates from the 1.5 km mark board. Both the trails lead to Grahan. The trail on the right passes through Thunja Village, leading to the village. But, if you take the trail to your left, you will reach directly to Grahan. It takes approximately 1.5 hours from here to reach the village, unless you are a Sloth.

Grahan in July

Grahan Trek

The trek to Grahan starts with a relatively less dense patch of forest. While hiking you might find mighty blow of winds, while the crisp mountain sunlight falls emblaze you during a good sunny day. After traversing for some time, the terrain transcends into a dense coniferous forest, full of tall pine trees with broad trunks, where the sunlight subliminally peaks through the forest cover. The trail passes on either side of the tributary of the roaring Parvati River and then merges into the mighty Beas River in Bhuntar. 

The tributary of the Parvati River, that you follow for most of the trek, comes from the meltwater of the snow-clad peaks of the mountains above. A lot of birds live in the forest, and you can hear birds chirping throughout the trek. The gushing water in the stream is ice cold and rich in minerals, one can fill their water bottles from the stream.

Stay in Grahan

Comfortably Numb

As there is no mobile network in Grahan, you cannot pre-book your stay in at the village. Due to its hidden benevolence, accommodation is not a problem in here. There are many Grahan village homestays available for tourists. Most of them charge a very nominal fee of 500 INR for a room per night. The bathrooms are common, yet, new guest houses do offer an attached bathroom with the rooms. 

Life in Grahan

Since everything in the Grahan village comes physically on mules, thus things are rather on the expensive side of the spectrum and if you were to order fancy things, check your wallet first. However, if you tell the homestay owner to cook the same meal as them, you will be charged less, and get good home-cooked food.

First view of Grahan village

Kasol to Grahan Itinerary

Day 1: Kasol to Grahan | 4 kilometres | 3-5  hour walk

Day 2: Stay at Grahan and go till Thunja.

Day 3: Back to Kasol | 4 kilometers | 3 hour walk

Long Stay in Grahan

A lot of foreign nationals, mainly Israelis and French citizens stay in Grahan for weeks, if not months. So, the village has adapted to the tantrums of city dwellers and you will easily find places where the homeowner will rent a section of his home for weeks, charging less for extended stay. Arrangements for food can be made with the homeowners, or perhaps you could cook your own food.  However, outsourcing food from the homeowners seems to be the easier way out.

Mountain view from the Grahan Village

FAQs on Grahan

Q1. How much does a trip to Grahan Village cost?

Ans. The minimum cost for a 3-day Grahan trip from Delhi-Kasol-Grahan-Delhi will cost around 3000 INR, excluding stay. 

Q2. What is the best time to visit Grahan?

Ans. The best time to visit Grahan is from the month of May to July. During this time, the valley blooms with exotic flora and irresistible aroma of the valley overhauls the existence with pleasure. 

Q3. Is Grahan trek difficult?

Ans. The Grahan trek is moderately difficult and it is doable for most people. There are certain sections during the trek which are hard to climb and needs attention before moving further. 

Q4. How much time does it take to reach Grahan?

Ans. On an average, a regular hiker takes about 3-5 hours to reach the village. But, if you believe in yourself, you can do this trek within the same duration.  

Q5. Are there any shops during the trek?

Ans. There are a few eateries you can find during the trek, but after half way through the trek, you are on your own (till the village). 

Farms in Grahan
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