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till Barshaini

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About Pulga

Pulga is a tiny village situated in the Parvati Valley, along with it’s sister villages of Kalga and Tulga. All three villages are more or less within half an hour of each other. Pulga has the most infrastructure among the three villages. The village is surrounded by apple orchards on all sides and dense coniferous mountain forests start within a 5 minutes walk from the village.

While a lot of people visit Kalga village on their way to Kheerganga, Pulga is mostly visited by people who wish to stay in the village for longer periods of time and enjoy the serene mountain beauty, soaking into the hippy vibes of the place.

The Lush greenery of Pulga village

How to reach Pulga

Kasol to Pulga

To reach Barshaini from Kasol, there are a lot of buses and taxis that ply between Kasol and Barshaini. Though the buses take some waiting, they are way cheaper mode of transport than the private taxis. However, getting a ride on a shared taxi is also a great option if you want to travel fast. So after reaching Barshaini, you will find the buses and taxis stop at a designated spot. From there, the journey to the Pulga village is on foot.

You will find a trail going downhill to your right, which is followed by a bridge to cross the river. Once you cross the river, the trail is well marked and it takes 15 odd minutes to reach Pulga village.

The rustic houses of Pulga

Pulga in Winters

Pulga is located on the the very edge of Parvati Valley before the motorable roads vanish. Because it is so deep inside, it receives a lot of snowfall in the winter month. If you are able to match your visits with the weather predictions, you might be able to witness snowfall. Usually, the snow usually melts away within a day or two.

Best Time to visit Pulga

It really depends on what you want, for instance the valley will be lush green and full of life in the months of April to July, this is when most of the people flock into the valley. After this the monsoons make the terrain slippery, but you can still enjoy the rains from a homestay in Pulga. The Kheerganga trek however is not recommended in monsoon. You will witness snowfall from the last week of December up until February.

Village life in Pulga

Kalga-Pulga-Tulga Itinerary

One can easily cover the Kalga-Pulga-Tulga circuit within a day or so. The villages are situated within 30 minutes of each other. You can cover the trail any way you want since the villages are nearby. You can perhaps go to another village or go to a Cafe to chill before returning to Pulga.

Hotels in Pulga

There are many stay options available in Pulga. Most stays are very pocket friendly and if you wish to stay for long periods of time, you have to find suitable options at decent prices. Katagla near Kasol is also a favorite destination among tourists for long haul stays.

Spring season in mountains

What to Eat in Pulga

Since a lot of foreign tourists visit Pulga. You will find all kinds of cuisines here, starting from Italian, Israeli, Continental and Indian. Simple Indian thalis is the way forward if you want wholesome nutrition for less money.

Things to Do in Pulga

Fairy Forest: The Fairy Forest is a forest where fairies supposedly roam and live inside trees. Apart from that, it is a forest area where one can soak themselves in the Himalayan calmness and connect with nature.

Waterfalls: The waterfall comes on the way to the fairy forest and is quite a sight and if you wish to experience bigger adventure then while on the route to Kheerganga lies a mega waterfall.   

Psy Party: In the month of October, multiple parties including rave, psychedelic, hippie take place near Pulga, deep in the forest with loud trance music. These continue for days on end at times.

Apple Farms: Most of Himachal is dependent upon farming as their primary source of income. Pulga is no different. Large apple orchards surround the village and it is quite an experience to witness the orchards while they are in bloom.


Beautiful waterfall near Pulga

Treks around Pulga

Kutla: Kutla is a high altitude meadow surrounded by forests on all sides and offers the views of the snow covered ranges of the parvati valley.Kutla is situated 3 kilometersfrom Tosh. It takes around an hour to reach Kutla from Tosh.

Kheerganga: Kheerganga trek is also accessible from Tosh.You can start for Kheerganga in the morning and reach by evening stay the night and come down the next day.

Buddhaban: Buddhaban is a grassland situated one hour away from Kutla and is oon the way to Animal Pass or Sara Umga la Trek.So you can visit Buddhaban is you are going to Kutla from Tosh and plan on spending the night at Kutla.

FAQs on Pulga

Q1. How much time does it take to reach Pulga?

Ans. It takes 30 minutes to reach Pulga from Barshaini while traversing on foot.

Q2. What is the distance between Barshaini and Pulga?

Ans. The distance between Barshaini bus stop and Pulga is less than a kilometer.

Q3. Is the Pulga village trek difficult? 

Ans. No! The trail to Pulga from Barshaini is a walking trail that is well marked on all places. You have to cross a bridge when crossing over to the other side from the river. After that, the trail ascends till the village.

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