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About Tosh

Tosh is the last village in the Parvati Valley, having road connectivity. Over the years, it has transformed into a go to destination for backpackers and the weekend party crowd for  wandering in the Parvati Valley. The village offers a view of the snow-covered peaks of the nearby ranges and it is among the first places in the valley to receive snowfall due to its height.

The village has seen economic growth over the years due sudden tourist influx. Roads are like a double edged sword in the mountains. While they are an essential lifeline to the villagers, they also bring about toxic tourism in the region that causes a consistent decay in the traditional customs of the region. Tosh, sadly, is among one of those places. Traditional wooden houses have been overtaken by concrete buildings. 

However, if you visit Tosh during early weekdays you will have the entire place to yourself to enjoy the natural beauty around it. The village is the gateway to the greater Tosh valley, harboring some of the pristine trek routes. The entire valley opens up as one starts climbing up to higher altitudes.

Snow clogged road from Barshaini to Tosh

How to Reach Tosh


Nearest airport from Tosh lies in Bhuntar. Small commercial flights operate from Bhuntar to Delhi and vice-versa. So, ticket prices are on the higher end. One can reach Tosh from the airport via Taxi and a few buses are available just outside the airport. 


The travel time between Delhi to Tosh is approximately 16 hours and it can be done in one go. You have to catch a bus going to Manali and then get down at Bhuntar. From there, buses are available every 30 mins from Bhuntar to Manikaran or Bhuntar to Barshaini. 

If you get a bus till Manikaran, it is advisable to hop on it and then, get a bus or a shared taxi to Barshaini. A shared taxi charge is 100 INR for the trip till the area on the main road above the bus stand. Once you reach Barshaini, the road to Tosh will be on your left.   

Tosh in December

Tosh in Winters

The winter month starts from November, transforming the entire landscape turning cold and white. Snow hits the valley by the second week of December, followed by periodic snowfalls, covering the adjacent spaces in thick snow. 

The road to Tosh may or may not get closed to vehicular traffic in the winter months. But one can always walk from Barshaini to Tosh. Winter also brings a few hardships like inconsistent power supply and navigation difficulty in the snow. But again, it’s all a part of the experience and you will not get in the summer months. 

Best Time to Visit Tosh

The best time to visit Tosh relies on what you want to experience. If you want to see the lush green valley distantly covering mountain peaks with snow,  June-July is the best time to go because after that the monsoon hits the valley and the roads become prone to frequent landslides. During this period, most of the treks in and around Tosh are accessible, marking it the ideal time for trekking.

Exotic Views from Tosh

Kasol to Tosh Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Delhi to Kasol by bus/car/traveler. 

Day 2: After reaching Kasol, you can either visit Chalal/Katagla or head to Tosh.

Day 3: Reach Tosh by 10:00 AM and leave for Kutla. Stay there for the rest of the day.

Day 4: Reach Tosh, stay in Tosh and enjoy with friends.

Day 5: Leave for Delhi today and reach here by night.

Hotels in Tosh

For Solo Travel in Tosh

If you are a solo traveler, you can check in at Whoopers hostel for around 1000 INR, otherwise during the off-season you can ask around the hotels and get a deal for 500 INR.

For Group Travel in Tosh

If you are in a group, the best way is to get a deal on the spot. However, in the case of Tosh, booking online at weekends is advisable. Otherwise, you might not find any accommodations (sleep with cattle).

For Luxury Stays in Tosh

If your budget is on the higher side but the trip should ooze out tranquility in Tosh, you can stay at the Stoned Aged Café & Inn. or Shivaay Café. These properties are located on the outskirts of Tosh. You have to walk for 15 minutes after crossing the bridge that connects you to Tosh. Then, at the other end of the village, there is another bridge. 

Kids playing in snow, Tosh Village

Where to Eat in Tosh

There are a lot of eateries in Tosh. Olive Garden Cafe serves decent food and they also have a homestay in Kutla. So, if you want to go to Kutla, you can talk about the rates in Olive Garden, Tosh. 

There are also these cafés German Bakery and the Shivaay Café in the village. With greater tourist influx, locals are constantly developing new ways to commercialize the splendor of this valley. 

Tosh Temperature

The winter season begins from the month of November, shading the entire landscape to whites and safety. Snow covers the valley by the second week of December and then follows, periodic snowfall covering the surrounding areas in a thick blanket. 

The road to Tosh might, at times, get closed to vehicular traffic in the winter months, but you can travel on foot from Barshaini to Tosh. You can witness few hardships faced by the locals like inconsistent power supply and navigational difficulty in the snow.

Breakfast with a view, Tosh

Treks around Tosh


Kutla is a high altitude meadow surrounded by forests on all sides and it offers some exotic views of the snow covered ranges of the Parvati Valley. Kutla is situated 3 km from Tosh and it takes around an hour to reach Kutla from Tosh. 


The Kheerganga trek is also accessible from Tosh. You can start for Kheerganga in the morning and reach by evening stay the night and come down the next day. There are two routes to reach the Kheerganga trek point, one is to take the route from Nakthan Village, and the other one is to take the trail coming from the Kalga Village. 


Buddhaban is a grassland situated one hour away from Kutla and it is on the way to Animal Pass or Sara Umga la Trek. So, you can visit Buddhaban if feel like visit Kutla and plan on spending the night there.

Animal Pass/Sara Umga La

It is a difficult trek that starts from the Tosh village and crosses over to Lahaul on the other side of the Tosh Glacier. Peaks like Papsura, Indrasan are clearly visible during this trek.

FAQs on Tosh

Q1. How much does a Tosh Trip Cost?

Ans. A 3-day Delhi-Tosh–Delhi trip should cost around 3500 INR with one day stay at Tosh/per person.

Q2. When does snowfall start in Tosh?

Ans. Snowfall starts in Tosh by December. The surest way to have snow is to match your timings with snowfall prediction in Accuweather.

Q3. What is the distance from Barshaini to Tosh?

Ans. The distance between Barshaini and Tosh is 1.5 kilometers and takes 45-60 minutes to cover on foot if you have a heavy backpack.

Q4. What is the road like when traveling to Tosh?

Ans, The road to Tosh from Barshaini might get closed to vehicular traffic during or after monsoons because of rockfall and landslides and might not open till summer.

Q5. Which is better Kasol or Tosh? 

Ans. Kasol and Tosh are both known for the same things; leisure travelers and backpackers who want to leave for other trek destinations. Tosh, unlike Kasol, is still unravaged by the onslaught of toxic tourism that is induced by chaos harboring people. 

Q6. Is Tosh worth visiting? 

Ans. Yes, indeed it is worth visiting Tosh. Despite of its remote location, Tosh is one of the beautiful abode for travelers visiting the Parvati Valley. And, from Tosh many trekking routes emanate to further stops in the valley. 

Q7. Is there snowfall in Tosh?

Ans. When the western disturbance in the valley commence, Tosh and other nearby villages experience a good amount of snowfall. Hence, if you are looking to enjoy snow and a cozy stay, visit Tosh during the winter season.  

Alleyway in the Tosh Village
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