Kasol to Spiti Valley

Kasol to

Spiti Valley

Kasol to Spiti Valley

Visitors flocking to Parvati Valley, mainly Kasol, try there utmost to camp in the Spiti Valley. It is totally possible and doable. One of the thing to check is the ‘time of the year’ you want to do visit the valley. 

Kasol has been a go to hippie destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The route will differ from the month of Summer to Winter. In summers, reaching Spiti is pretty easy, except for constant landslides, on your route to Spiti. In winter, you will have to take a big detour from the designated route, if you want to cover Kasol and Spiti Valley in one go.

Kaza to Kullu Bus in Chandra Valley

Kasol to Spiti Valley from May-September

Summers here is between late May to early October. During this time, you have to reach Bhuntar in Kullu. Then, catch a bus to Kasol, enjoy your stay there and return to Bhuntar. Or you can book a Volvo from the new private bus stand and reach Mandi.

From Mandi or Bhuntar, take a bus to Manali and further your journey by catching a bus plying to Kaza.  


Kasol to Spiti Valley from October-April

The Winter Months here are after October till April. After reaching Kasol, try to reach Bhuntar or Mandi to catch a transport to Manali. Then, catch a bus to Reckong Peo from Mandi, after reaching Reckong Peo, you have to catch the 6:00 AM morning bus to Kaza from the bus stand the next day.  

Bus travelling through hostile terrain

Kasol to Spiti Valley Route Geography

The route is pretty decent till Manali and maybe till Rohtang Pass, after that the route is filled with gushing streams of water, boulders, uneven ground. At some points there is no identifiable road. The area behind Rohtang Pass is really unforgiving, so if you are planning to do so in your own vehicle, tread with caution. 

If you are going to take a bus till Kaza, then there is no problem. The drivers of HRTC are well-versed with the terrain there and drive with the highest degree of professionalism.

Bus in Spiti Valley

FAQs on Kasol to Spiti Valley

Q1. What are the road conditions Kasol to Spiti Valley? 

Ans. The road from Kasol to Spiti Valley remains open from May to October. Road conditions depend on the weather condition and other factors such as black ice, landslides, and bad drivers. 

Q2. What is the bus fare from Kasol to Spiti Valley (Kaza)? 

Ans. It costs around 450 INR (prices are subjected inflation) to reach from Kasol to Kaza on a ordinary HRTC bus. This covers Kasol to Manali fare and then Manali to Kaza bus fare. 

Q3. Can you book a private Taxi/Cab from Kasol to Spiti valley? 

Ans. Direct taxis are not available from Kasol to Spiti Valley. Your best bet would be to reach Manali from Kasol. Then from Manali, you can easily hire a private taxi.


Q4. What is the cheapest way to get from Kasol to Spiti Valley ?

Ans. Cheapest way to reach Spiti Valley is booking a seat on the HRTC bus.

Q5. What is the fastest way to get from Kasol to Spiti Valley ?

Ans. Get a shared cab or a private taxi from Manali at 1200 INR (prices are subjected to inflation).

Q6. What is the Kasol to Kaza bus HRTC bus fare?

Ans. You should be able to cover the travel expenses from Kasol to Kaza within 800 INR.

Q6. What is the Kasol to Kaza bus timing?

Ans. So if you want to travel from Kasol to Kaza, you have to reach Manali a day before to catch the bus from Manali to Kaza and take the 5:00 AM bus.

Q7. What is the status of Kasol to Kaza in March?

Ans. A HRTC bus leaves for Reckong Peo from the Kasol bus stand at 5:00 AM in the morning.

Q8. Do private buses run between Kasol to Kaza?

Ans. No, only HRTC buses run from Kasol to Kaza.

Q9. How far is Spiti Valley from Kasol?

Ans. Kaza is approximately 448 kilometers away from Kasol.

Q10. What is the Kaza to Kasol bus timing?

Ans. The HRTC bus from Kaza to Kasol leaves Kaza bus stand at 7:00 AM.

Q11. What is the Kaza to Kasol shared taxi fare?

Ans. No taxi ply between Kaza to Kasol. However, you can get a shared taxi to Rampur from Kaza and it should cost you anywhere from 800-1000 INR. 

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