Manali to Spiti Valley

Manali to

Spiti Valley

Important Details

5:00 AM & 5:30 AM

400 INR


Important Details


05:00 AM & 05:30 AM

400 INR


About Manali to Spiti Valley

The road from Manali to Spiti Valley is the shorter of the two available routes to Spiti Valley in summer months. However, because of the rapid altitude gain on this route, the way through Kinnaur is preferred by a lot of visitors. 

If you are planning to go to Spiti in summers and are short on time, take this route as it saves you an entire day. Take the same route on the return to save two days, considering you started from and returning to Delhi.


Manali to Spiti Valley Route Description

A Route to the Barren World

The road from Manali to Spiti Valley is the shorter of the two available routes to Spiti Valley in summer months. The road passes through Manali and goes towards the Rohtang Pass. On the way to Rohtang pass, it passes through the beautiful hamlet of Gulaba, which is lush green at this time, and water from various streams falls into the abyss. 

Meandering Roads

The bus usually stops at Rohtang Pass for a good 15 minutes before starting the descent to the Chandra Valley on the other side of the Rohtang Pass. Once you cross it, the district of Lahaul and Spiti officially starts and is a part of the Leh-Manali highway. The road snakes along with the mighty Chandra River, which seems truly majestic as there is practically no human settlement on this side of the Rohtang Pass compared to the other side.

Canonical Landmarks

The Bada Shigri Glacier, which is the biggest glacier in Himachal is somewhat visible on the route. It bifurcates at Gramphoo, where the main highway goes all the way till Leh. Take a right, which leads to the high altitude cold desert of Spiti. The views are majestic and out of the world here. 

On reaching Kunzum Pass, you will witness that all the buses and cars make a pitstop to offer their prayers to the Kunzum Mata temple for a safe passage ahead. The Chandratal Lake is nearby, and it is from here that the journey to this lake starts. It takes a further 4 hours to reach Kaza from Kunzum Pass.

Highway Blues 

The Leh-Manali highway is maintained by the Border roads organization which in some ways is a subsidiary of the Indian armed forces. The upcoming Rohtang Tunnel will further shorten the travel time to Spiti Valley by two hours. 


Manali to Spiti: Open Road Status

The road to Spiti Valley from Manali remains open from mid-May to mid of October. After that, the western disturbances hit the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and bring heavy snowfall in the upper reaches of the state, which causes all the transportation to come to a standstill. All the consecutive passes like the Rohtang La, Kunzum La are buried deep inside the snow, making them inaccessible in such weather.

Manali to Spiti Valley-Pro’s

The pros of the Manali route is that it takes less time compared to the Shimla route. Assuming you will start from Delhi, going through the Shimla route, you can make a stop at Shimla, Reckong Peo, then reach Kaza, so this route is a three-day affair. 

However, when you reach Manali, stay the night and take the morning bus to Kaza. This way you can save an entire day. A lot of people complain about acclimatization. Take a week course of Diamox to acclimatize your body. 


Manali to Spiti Valley-Con’s

For travelers and trekkers, the altitude gradient is too high on this route and may cause Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in some. The other disadvantage is that this route is not operational in winters.  

Manali to Spiti Valley HRTC bus

Each day, early morning, there is one bus that leaves from Manali towards Spiti Valley. The Manali to Kaza bus leaves the bus stand at 5:00 AM. It reaches Kaza by 5:00 PM and rests there for the night before setting out for Manali the next day. 

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Manali to Spiti valley HRTC Bus Fare

The Manali to Kaza bus costs around 600 INR (prices are subjected to inflation). Only ordinary buses ply on this route due to the difficult terrain of the region; no Volvo’s or Deluxe buses operate on this route.

Private Taxi/Cab

Manali to Spiti Valley private taxis are readily available for hiring from the taxi stand right next to the Manali bus stand. It will cost a lot to hire a taxi if you are traveling alone. 

Shared Taxi

Manali to Spiti Valley shared taxi : Shared cabs are readily available from Manali to Kaza. You can easily get a cab to Kaza from Manali, cabs can be booked at the various taxi service stands which are situated near the Manali bus stand.

Spiti Valley to Manali Shared Taxi : Shared cabs are available from Kaza to Manali daily. One can get a shared cab till Manali from Kaza at the Kiosks near the Kaza bus stand.

Attractions on Manali to Spiti Valley Road

1. Rohtang Pass

2. Bada Shigri Glacier

3. Gramphoo

4. Batal

5. Kunzum La


FAQs on Manali to Spiti

Q1. What is the Manali to Kaza bus HRTC bus fare?

Ans. The cost of Manali to Kaza ordinary HRTC bus is 250 INR per person

Q2. What is the status of Manali to Kaza in July?

Ans. The Manali to Kaza road is open in July.

Q3. Do private buses run between Manali to Kaza?

Ans. No. Only HRTC buses run from Manali to Kaza.

Q4. How far is Spiti valley from Manali?

Ans. Spiti Valley is around 150 kilometers away from Manali.

Q5. What is the distance Manali to Kaza?

Ans. The distance between Manali and Kaza is 201 kilometer.

Q6. What is the Manali to Kaza bus timing?

Ans. The Manali to Kaza bus leaves the Manali bus stand at 5:00 AM and 05:30 AM.

Q7. What is the Kaza to Manali bus timing?

Ans. The HRTC bus from Kaza to Manali leaves the Kaza bus stand at 7:00 AM.

Q8. What is the Manali to Kaza taxi fare?

Ans. The taxi cost person is around 1200 per person. Taxis are available near the bus stand. 

Q9. What is the Kaza to Manali shared taxi fare?

Ans. Taxis are available from Kaza to Manali opposite the Kaza bus stand. They charge 1200 per person.


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