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About Mudh Village

The beauty of the Spiti valley is well renowned over the country and around the globe. Although, in this valley of dry, vivid, and exotic landscapes, the standalone village of Mudh is the very last hamlet of this valley. Once it was only an arid landscape with only 8 houses struggling against the tide of nature. Now, it is home to more than 200 people, with 40 odd but appealing houses of wood and concrete. 

The motorable road of Spiti Valley ends here in the Mudh Village and the Pin Valley National Park, covering an area of 675 sq. km, is adjacent to it. Farming is the main source of funds in this village as there is fertile soil along the stream of the Pin River. The picturesque setting of this village throws the conceptual idea of imagination aside and exudes a beauty that only reality offers. 

As you go wandering about the village, the painted hues on the hills with a gradual increase in green puts you in an eternal lock, without any willingness to get released. The village is a gem amid the cluster of 17 villages of Spiti Valley.

Mudh village stands at an elevation of about 3600 m, which makes it a perfect destination for tourists who prefer a less crowded spot to relax and enjoy the epitome of nature’s beauty. The village is about 50 km from Kaza (known as the center of the valley), 65 km from Tabo, and about 51 km from Dhankar. It is also the starting and ending of two famous trek routes – Pin Bhabha Pass and Pin Parvati Pass.

PinValley; a view from Mudh. Credits: Mr.Maneesh Goel

How to reach Mudh Village?

To reach Mudh village, two routes experience a considerable influx of tourists. The first one is Spiti Valley via Shimla, which is the easier route and it takes around 2 days to reach the the village. This route unravels some major attractions along the way including Narkanda, Rampur, Jeori, Pooh, Nako, and Tabo, either ending at Kaza or Mudh, depending upon your plan.

The second way is via Manal and it goes through Rohtang Pass, Kunzum Pass, and finally arriving at Kaza. From Kaza onwards, you will reach Attargo Bridge, that leads you to the seclusion of the Spiti Valley; Mudh Village.

Travel by personal vehicle or shared cabs and public transport buses is viable in the Spiti Valley. Taking public transport costs less than per head than shared cabs, whilst providing minimum comfort but a maximum adventure.

Kaza to Mudh Bus

The bus from Kaza leaves for Mudh at 5 PM every day. The bus covers the Kaza-Langza-Hikkim-Komic circuit, and it takes 90 minutes to do so. During the winter season, there is a discontinuity of this bus service, and people can either take a shared taxi or book an entire taxi to themselves. Hitchhiking is also possible, more so during the summer season, when the influx of tourists is higher.

 Spiti Bus Service

Pin Valley near the Mudh Village

Best Time to Visit Mudh Village

It is safe to say that the best time to visit Mudh is from late May till the starting week of October. The pleasant and easy-going weather at Mudh Village are very frequent in this period. After the mid-October, heavy snowfall clogs up most routes to the village and this secludes it from tourism, imparting a tremendous blow.


Stay in Mudh Village

Despite very few people living in this village, it houses around 3-4 homestays, offering rooms to choose from according to the capacity of the travel group. Tara Homestay and Ibex Homestay are amongst the few to offer very good hospitality with homely cooked, presenting a spread of Spitian Cuisine at your disposal. Having a cup of tea while nature studs its clothes with multifaceted hues of the sun truly suffices the peace of mind to an extent. 

There is no conventional way of getting a connection on your mobile phones and trying to catch any signal at the end of the cliff is not advisable. There is a satellite connection at Tara Homestay that connects you to the desired telephone directory.


Pea Cultivation in Mudh Village

Treks from Mudh Village

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek :

Amongst the acclaimed trek routes of India, Pin Bhabha is considered a moderately difficult trek. This extensively vivid route takes you on an adventure of a lifetime with constantly changing landscapes, ranging from dense to barren. The highest point in the trek is around 4850 m, known as the Saddle Point

There is a small shrine where the locals present their prayers to the mountain god for blessings. People write their names on prayer flags explaining their existence in the form of their desired language, while the high altitude and velocity air constantly hang these flags with a wavy finish. This trek ends at Kafnu in Himachal Pradesh, which is a small village with dense vegetation around it.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

To be labeled as a difficult trek by many professionals, the awaiting adventure surely elevates one’s adrenaline. In this trek, you will see beautiful verdant hills decorated with colorful vegetation of red, white, and yellow. 

The trek starts from Barshaini via the Manali route, then you walk through the famous destination amongst young adults of cities. Further, into the route, you will discover the serene landscape of Tunda Bhuj and Manatali Lake. The crossing to Spiti valley is at an elevation of 17,457 ft. and about t 100 km, you can mark the pleasing sighting of Mudh Village. Only experienced trekkers should attempt this high altitude trek as it packs a dangerous adventure.

Houses in Mudh Village
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