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Mountain Nutrition

When it comes to on trial nutrition, there are a lot of options one can go for while selecting essential items. However, the kind of nutrition you will need on a trek depends on a lot of variables like duration and the difficulty level of the terrain. Among other things, the availability of cooking gear is also an important factor. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that tells you about wilderness cooking are very informative. However, in Indian Himalayas a lot of the techniques that you see in those videos are not viable, simply because of the altitude gain and the air in the Indian Himalayas become thin. 

One by product of the altitude gain is loss of vegetation. If you are on a high altitude trek, you will witness the forest cover deplete as you gain altitude and at a certain altitude, there is nothing but shrubs and grass. If you go even higher, you will not even find shrubs and the entire terrain turns barren like Ladakh, Spiti, and various other regions of upper Himalayas. So wood, is not available for burning purposes.


The Meal Maker

Meals Ready to Eat

Packaged meals such as RTE (ready to eat) are readily available in Indian markets. There is a wide variety of food items that are available. You can have all kinds of things, starting from Dal Makhni to Rajma Chawal and even Biryani. The options are endless with MRE’s and other in plastic vacuum sealed packaging can be heated in warm water before being eaten. One can use the warm water from meal for other purposes also. You can eat MRE’s RTE without even warming it up, just beware of the taste. It is just that they wouldn’t taste as good as a hot one and eating hot food boosts moral in mountains. 


Cooked Meals Provide Optimum Nutirition

Quick Nutrition Food

Quick Food

Oats are the best source of nutrition in the mountains. Simply because of the fact that they can be had without cooking, just by soaking them overnight in cold water. And if you seem to have the luxury of fire, you can cook them with masala or other condiments. Apart from oats and rice, lentils provide for very good source of nutrition in the mountains (if cooked in pressure cooker they tend to cook faster). The decrease in the pressure with altitude causes food to cook slowly otherwise, it is advisable to take easy to swallow food items.



Sun Dried Vegetables

Sun Dried Vegetables

Sun Dried Vegetables make your food very enjoyable and it reduces the load in your backpack. While it takes a bit of your time, it saves a lot of weight and energy. You can enjoy the trail more with greater food options and less weight. There is no special equipment required to carry sun dry vegetables. A lot of vegetables can be sun dried and later on put in hot water during cooking and even if you don’t put it in hot water, it’s still fit for consumption. There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube on how to sun dry vegetables.


Food to Avoid

Things to Avoid

If you are going on a long trek for the first time, then chances are that you will include food any you might not be able to consume during the course of the trek. Simply because of the exhaustion, you get by extra load. This results in loss of appetite. So, in a way you have lost your appetite because of the extra food you are carrying. It is suggested to go on short treks first and get an idea how much you much weight can you carry. It will give you clear understanding how much food should be assimilated because even extra feels like a kilogram. 

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